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Move tool Mirror
The reflection option for the move tool allows you to select a vertex, edge or face on one side of the model and, on the opposite side, the corresponding component with a similar position will be selected and moved the same way.

Press and hold [W], and left-click in the viewport. Select [Reflection] from the marking menu. The select the axis system [worls or object] and the axis [x,y,z] along which you wish to reflect.

Note: This works for edges, vertices, and faces.



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   Playblast : Rendering   

For students and professionals alike, fully rendered animation is not always necessary or required, especially during the development stages of a project. Whether itís for testing animation, feedback, a rigging showreel or modeling showcase, being able to render the viewport as Playblast has its advantages. However, it has come to our attention that Playblasts are often not rendered to their full potential.

This tutorial will cover how to make the most of your Playblasts. It will cover how to setup the viewport, the rendering options available and how to save/output the Playblast with the best settings.

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