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 Joints 101
 Camera Control
   ToeTap Foot
   IK/FK switch

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Using a One Button Mouse (Mac OS X)
On Mac OS X, MAYA gives you the option of using either a three button mouse, a two button mouse, or a single button mouse. (All documentation assumes the use of a three button mouse.)

Change Autodesk Maya mouse settings to recognize a one or two button mouse:

Select Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences.

In the Categories select box, click Interface. Using the Mouse tracking option, you can choose between a three button mouse, a two button mouse, or a one button mouse.



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   Gears : Rigging   


This tutorial covers an in-depth practical approach to developing a completely automated gear system. The tutorial will show you how to do everything from modelling gears that successfully interlock, to coding (MELScript) the system.

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