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Deleting Preferences
Sometimes the user preferences can screw up the performance of MAYA. A quick solution is to delete the userPrefs.mel found in : My Documents/maya/version/prefs



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   IK/FK Switch : Rigging   

The objective of this tutorial is to Rig a set of arm Joints that can switch (transform) smoothly from IK to FK and back again at any point in your animation, depending on the requirements of the animation.


This tutorial will allow you to produce an IK/FK Switch using the following steps :

  1. Create a Joint Chain to Rig an Arm
  2. Create IK handles for the Joint Chain
  3. Create Control Objects
  4. Duplicating Joint Chains
  5. Orient Constraint
  6. Point Constraint
  7. Parent Constraint
  8. Pole Vector Constraint
  9. Parenting
  10. Add Attributes
  11. Set Driven Keys

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